The Athens Area Mediation Service is a nonprofit 501 (C) 3 organization that strives to educate the community on conflict resolution skills and provide affordable mediation services to all.

Conflict Resolution

From long-term, deeply-seated, conflicts to minor disagreements, we exist to support people in conflict. Some issues involve the court and legal system; some do not. Some conflicts involve people who are ready and willing to work things out; some are with people who are angry and discouraged. We have helped people have important conversations and resolve disputes within families, organizations, agencies and the community.

Mediation Training

Trainings are offered several times each year. Each training cycle totals fifteen hours of in-person training comprised of 3-4 day sessions. These trainings focus on developing listening and questioning skills that help people explore the crucial question, “Where do we go from here?” Participants report new understandings and growth from engaging with a diverse group around these important communication issues.

Specialized and Issue-Based Training

These trainings are geared to the needs of those attending and tailor-made to the entity requesting the training. Participants are provided with the methods, processes, and skillsets involved in facilitating a peaceful ending of conflict. Our trainings are highly participatory, as well as relaxed and enjoyable. The following list is a few examples of topics covered in specialized trainings: 

  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Communication Skills


Departments, workplace teams, IEP teams, and more can sometimes use a little help to keep things running smoothly. Our meeting facilitators and/or mediators can help you develop your purpose and objectives as you work through the logistics and process of difficult gatherings. We guide the team to identify and focus on the people, issues, and needs of the team, and work to foster communication and listening to achieve the best results possible.