Do you have an ongoing disagreement? Our volunteers are eager to help you find a resolution.

With years of successful mediations from our trained professionals, our local nonprofit is dedicated to improving communication & decreasing conflict in our Athens community.

Conflict may arise within many aspects of our lives including, families, organizations, couples, co-workers, friends, and many more. Here at AAMS, our trained volunteers are ready to assist with disputes in all of these areas. While conflict is a universal human experience. AAMS empowers people, families, and organizations to respond effectively to disagreements. It is our belief that proactive conflict resolution, consensus building, and cooperative problem-solving help increase the quality of life, support reconciliation and create open, honest dialogues that prevent future conflicts. 

In addition to local training, we have three mediators who have the Ohio Supreme Court approved Domestic Relations training. They possess the skills to help you resolve these complicated issues. Additionally, AAMS is registered as a 501 (C) 3 organization.

Mission Statement

The Athens Area Mediation Service is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides the residents of Athens County with cooperative approaches to dispute resolution. AAMS is dedicated to promoting and supporting reconciliation, integrity, openness and inclusion. In addition, by training community members to serve as mediators and sharing communication skills and awareness of social justice with others, AAMS empowers individuals and community groups to respond to conflict effectively.

Schedule a Mediation

Effective March 17, 2020, Mediations are available via Zoom: We have found conducting mediations via Zoom is an effective means of conflict resolution. Using this technology, AAMS can address conflict even when one or both parties reside outside the immediate Athens area. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance resolving a conflict regardless of where you live.

Address | 396 Richland Ave. Athens, Ohio 45701
Contact | (740)-594-6169

Mediator Training

AAMS trains community members to serve as mediators. These trainings focus on developing listening and questioning skills that help people explore the crucial question, “Where do we go from here?”. Participants report new understandings and growth from engaging with a diverse group around these important communication issues. Through training, AAMS empowers individuals and community groups to respond to conflict effectively. ​

Fundamentals of Mediation (15 hours)

AAMS sponsors an intensive, participatory and enjoyable training in conflict resolution and mediation skills. Learn professional listening skills and the thoughtfully structured approaches of mediators to respond to a variety of conflict situations. Of the 900+ individuals who have completed this training, past participants reported being more effective in addressing conflict in the workplace and in their personal lives after completing this training.

What is Mediation?